Coel's Legeplads

This is a place to try out thing do do with Netlify and other services. Some of these tests might end up used on other things I do.

Testing out call. This is page one. Next step is to iterate, load data for page two (or beyond if required.) This is a variation of the activity API discussed in 404s rewrites and proxies section of the Exploring Netlify Redirects.


Using Cloudinary fetch to serve up optimised images. This comes directly from Build optimizations from proxying to Cloudinary section of the Exploring Netlify Redirects.

A cloudy sky A mutant Rose.


In the same vein as Cloudinary above, these ImageKit images are proxied. By configuring a redirect in netlify.toml they appear as if they are local. In this case src="/ik/<transformation>/<image>" is proxied to<my-username>/<transformation>/<image>. While ImageKit has JavaScript and node.js code, proxying is by far the simplest solution.

Hello [GET]